Baked Mushrooms & Feta with your choice of garlic or herb butter 19
Chicken Breast Fillet Kebab marinated in Squires Loft Baste and char-grilled 21
Grilled Beef Sausage (Boerewors) served with chili sauce on the side 19
Prawn Kebab char-grilled with Squires Loft Baste and served with garlic sauce on the side 19
Lamb Loin Chops (2 Chops) char-grilled with Squires Loft baste and served with mint jelly on the side 21
Pork Spare Ribs (1 Rack) marinated in Squires Loft Baste and char-grilled 41
Beef Rib Entree - marinated in Squires Loft Baste and char-grilled BBQ on side 24
Entrée Platter (Serves 4) 1 Rack Pork Ribs, Boerewors, Prawn Kebab, Baked Garlic Mushrooms and Feta 89


Mains are flavoured with Squires Loft Baste when grilled and served with your choice of chips or baked potato.
Rump 250g 35
Porterhouse  300g 48
Ranger Valley Black Onyx Porterhouse 350g MB 3+ 75
Pure Black Angus Scotch 400g MB 3+ 70
Eye Fillet 200g / 300g 49/64
Eye Fillet Beef & Reef (200g /300g) 64/79
Scotch 300 g 52
Rib Eye on the bone 400g 64
T-Bone 500 g 59
Pork Spare Ribs 1 / 2 Racks 48/82
Beef Ribs 1 Rack 59
Lamb Loin Chops 2 Chops / 4 Chops 29/41
Chicken Breast Fillet 1 breast / 2 breasts 30/45
Prawns: (Two prawn kebabs char-grilled with Squires Loft Baste served with creamy garlic sauce on the side) 39
Char-grilled Salmon:(Char-grilled to medium-rare and served with creamy garlic sauce on the side) 39
Vegetarian Meal: (Two kebabs of mushroom, capsicum & zucchini with grilled pumpkin and fried onions 32
Add On Prawn Kebab (to any main) 18
Add On Beef 2 Bone (to any main) 20
Add On Pork Half Rack (Approx 250g) (to any main) 20


Mushroom, Black Pepper, B.B.Q, Creamy Garlic, Green Pepper, Baste, Jalapeño 5
Blue Cheese 6


Garden Salad (Small/Large) 8/12
Greek Salad (Medium) 16
Warm Chicken Caesar Salad 32
Warm Chicken Salad 29
Baked Mushrooms and Feta (with your choice of garlic or herb butter) 19
Chips or Baked Potato 10
Fried Onions 10
Char-Grilled Vegetables (mushroom, capsicum & zucchini with a pumpkin slice) 11
Broccolini (drizzled with olive oil and lightly seasoned) 11
$100 Valentines Day Menu    Wine Menu    $85 Set Menu   

15% Public holiday surcharge when open